Location: Perfectly located in relation to the international airport as the ideal springboard into local, regional and international markets.

Land Price and Usability: SUNGATE offers maximum benefits per square metre in Namibia, with substantial flexibility of use.

Accessibility: SUNGATE's perfect location at Hosea Kutako International Airport on the Trans-Kalahari highway is ideally suited as a hub of commerce and industry serving Namibia and the SADC region. SUNGATE offers you the ideal platform to do business in Africa and the rest of the world.

Ownership: Full title ownership is given. SUNGATE is managed as a private estate and the development is governed by the urban design framework and guidelines, which will be managed by the Design Review Panel.  Private architects and builders can be used.

Property Development Opportunities: As a mixed-use development in this prime position, it caters to both local and international business needs.

SUNGATE will be a vantage point for airport and transport related sectors, global business and tourism.

Business Development Opportunities: As a business center, SUNGATE will cater to various industries, namely commercial, retail, residential, leisure and light industrial.

This self-sufficient distribution hub will be able to grow organically as demand for space increases.

Timing: Services to the first phase land were completed in May 2014, so transfer can happen immediately, and clients can commence construction once the Review Panel has approved the plans. In other words a business can be operational in a short space of time.

Namibia's Advantages:

  • Stable economic market
  • Perfectly located in relation to the international airport, the four road and rail trade corridors, as well as an efficient harbour
  • Stable property market with steadily increasing land values
  • Investment-friendly legislation and regulatory framework with highly competitive tax incentives for manufacturers and exporters
  • Strategically located as the ideal springboard into regional markets of Southern African Customs Union and SADC
  • Member of WTO with duty- and quota-free access to the US and European markets through various agreements
  • Ranking by World Economic Forum places Namibia among the five most competitive economies in Africa
  • Introduction of the Free Trade Areas (FTAs), eliminating tarrifs and non-tarrif barriers on all trade between SADC areas