Transfer Process Information

The erven are ready to be transferred and the normal procedure for a property transfer applies. On signature of the contract, a 10% deposit is payable immediately (minimum), and is held in an interest bearing trust account by the conveyancers until transfer (Dr. Weder, Kauta and Hoveka – ref Mr. Andre Swanepoel).

The contract is processed, a copy is delivered to the client and the process commences.

If the offer is subject to a bond, then the application and approval process commences immediately also.

Guarantees are requested from the client or the bank per the contractual delivery date, and, upon receipt and signing of the normal transfer documents, the transfer is lodged.

Upon transfer, the client receives a Title Deed like normal, and the process for plan submission and construction can commence as soon as the client wishes. All the details regarding the process for plan approval, rates and taxes (levy actually) are normal as SUNGATE is a private township, with the proclamation as its own legal “local authority” being granted by the Ministry.

Even though SUNGATE now falls within the City of Windhoek's new boundaries, it is a private town responsible for its own normal municipal functions. These will be handled by the formally registered SUNGATE Owners Association (Section 21 Company, in which all owners become legal members of on transfer).