SUNGATE is envisaged as a world-class business community with a mixed-use offering. Taking full advantage of the convenience of location, the mixed-use development will incorporate commercial, retail, residential, leisure and light industrial facilities to function as a cohesive unit.

Intended to primarily serve as a trade gateway to and from Namibia, SUNGATE is set to be of considerable economic importance to the country and to the SADC region, with a high level of interest shown by Namibian and foreign businesses as well as the Namibian Government. SUNGATE will see a merging of the business and natural worlds, and will be carefully contained so as not to intrude upon nature and the beauty of the desert landscape. 

In addition to the commercial, retail, residential, leisure and light industrial sectors, SUNGATE will cater to the increasing demand for the development of airport and transport-related services and facilities at Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA), which has, until recently, been unavailable. 


The development of SUNGATE complements Namibia's "Vision 2030", a concept which aims to "guide Namibia and its people to make deliberate efforts to improve quality of life to the level of their counterparts in the developed world by the year 2030" (

The development of SUNGATE will assist in propelling Namibia into the future, as the collective efforts of all involved with SUNGATE will focus development around HKIA and the surrounding areas.