The selection of the Professional team to create Sungate was one of the most important decisions the original shareholders and team had to make.

A painstaking due diligence process was followed, with the quotation value forming only a small percentage of the analysis. Experience, track record, capacity, vision and integrity were more highly scored.

The representatives involved in the early decision around the Professional Team selection themselves had vast experience, and, because the long term public perception of the project and company was of vital importance, the selection of the Professional Team was seen as critical.

A vast amount of money was spent on all the early investigations with regards bulk service supply, and also included numerous aviation and environmental studies. All of this unseen but critical investment, was, and is, always necessary for the sustainability of a property investment.

The long term opinion of the public around the quality of their investment decision plays a huge role in the long term sustainability of any business. The Accolade Group have been around for a while, and intend being around for a long while still, hence the critical Professional Team member choices and the importance of delivering a quality product each time.

Most of the original Professional Team are still hard at work many years after the first tentative steps.

The current Professional Team comprises:

  • Knight Piesold Consulting (Civil and Electrical Engineering)

  • Stubenrauch Planning Consultants (Town Planning)

  • Urban Green Environmental Consultants (Environmental Impact Assessment)

  • Dr. Weder, Kauta and Hoveka Inc. (Legal and Conveyancers).

  • Grant Thornton Neuhaus (Auditors)

  • original Urban & Township Design was by Piet Louw Architects & Prof. David Dewar