As a key member of SADC, its major transportation links, well-developed and maintained network of utilities, and stable political, economic and social environments, Namibia is fast becoming the new 'best address' for business in Africa. 

Embodying such positive factors, the creation of a mixed-use development in this prime position to cater to both local and international business needs was inevitable. The evolution into a multi-faceted development was born from the need to make the best of the potential that SUNGATE has to offer. SUNGATE has been developed to be complementary, supplementary and additional to Windhoek. Essentially, the birth of SUNGATE will be the beginning of a symbiotic relationship with the capital city. 

As Africa's best new business address, SUNGATE will be a vantage point for airport and transport-related sectors, global business and tourism. As a business centre, it will cater to various industries, namely, commercial, retail, residential, leisure and light industrial. This self-sufficient distribution hub will be home to the African headquarters of global businesses as well as the gateway to the rest of Africa and the world. 

SUNGATE is set to be the unrivalled business destination choice of local and international investors, property owners and companies involved in or associated with import, export, manufacture and transport logistics in the SADC region and beyond, as well as in the hospitality industry in Namibia.