Why has nobody seized the opportunity prior to this?

The ability to develop on the site has long been dependent on the removal of limitations regarding the Town Planning Ordinance for the Kapps Farm Area (the large area of land between Windhoek and HKIA). In February 2007 the Khomas Regional Council created a Town Planning Scheme for this specific region, the outcome of which saw the approval of land being zoned for alternate uses. This breakthrough resulted in what was previously agricultural land now being unlocked for various purposes. The proclamation of this scheme resulted in the opportunity for a mixed-use development such as SUNGATE to be built. 

In addition, the "Namibia International Investment Conference" was held in November 2007 to discuss investment initiatives focusing on the incredible growth of business and investment affecting the trade routes from Walvis Bay through Namibia into its neighbouring SADC counterparts. The conference was extremely successful in outlining a strategic framework for growth and development in a very sustainable business environment.