Located immediately outside HKIA and just 45km from the country's capital, Windhoek, SUNGATE is within proximity to the country's national harbour, Walvis Bay, and is ideally situated on the Trans-Kalahari Highway. 

The Republic of Namibia shares international boundaries with Angola, Botswana, South Africa and Zambia, and is renowned for its wildlife and tourism facilities, ideal climate and topography. It's consistently growing economy, access to skills, labour and stable political, economic and social environments facilitate growth, making Namibia the ultimate business location.

Centre of trade and transport

Essentially, Namibia has the potential to be at the centre of trade and transport as it offers access to the whole of Southern Africa. Namibia's critical location means that it is poised to be the new gateway to Africa. 

With SUNGATE being directly connected to the Port of Walvis Bay and hence to the network of overland transport corridors throughout Southern Africa, amongst others by means of the Trans-Kalahari Highway, it is directly linked to key parts of the Southern African continent. In addition, with its immediate proximity to HKIA and Namibia's railway network, SUNGATE is also ideally suited for transshipment onto air links serving the sub-continent and the world.