SUNGATE is to be the new gateway to business in Africa, and has been meticulously planned to create a logically laid out community that will be able to grow organically as demand for space inevitably increases. Also key to SUNGATE's success are its retail, residential, hotel and leisure sectors that are designed to meet the needs of the community, as well as cater for anticipated expansion in the tourism market. 

The implementation of cutting-edge infrastructure means that SUNGATE will offer maximum benefits per square meter. With functionality at its core, SUNGATE caters to the requirements of big business, provides immeasurable opportunity for SMMEs and entrepreneurs, hence a primary focus on sustainability, and serves as a hub for import, export, distribution, and transport-related activities. To cater for the rapidly increasing number of international tourists visiting Namibia on an annual basis, international and local hotels located next to the airport will further highlight the development's cosmopolitan appeal. The design of the residential sector makes the most of the surrounding natural environment and will be tastefully integrated with the business area of the development. 

Within the vision of phase two of the development, the residential areas will operate as a town within a town, boasting a clinic, school, crèche, church, as well as various social facilities and communal areas. For added convenience, a retail sector will complete SUNGATE's offering. Also proposed are a variety of niche attractions which will have a strong leisure aspect, appealing to tourists. 

The project enjoys the full support of the Government of the Republic of Namibia at both national and regional level.