July 2008: The initial sub-division was granted by the Khomas Regional Council and the two separate farm portions were consolidated.

Approvals for bulk services given in writing:

  • NamPower

  • NamWater

  • Roads Authority

  • Telecom Namibia

July 2008: Full mixed-use rights were granted over the site by the Khomas Regional Council (under the Kapps Farm Townplanning Scheme).

January 2009: The property was officially transferred and registered in the name of Accolade Properties Namibia at the Windhoek Deeds Office.

February 2009: Financial feasibility completed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Namibia.

April 2009: A voluntary Environmental Impact Assessment was completed by Urban Green with no objections from stakeholders and interested parties.

July 2009: Township Board approval of further sub-division to allow transfer of individual erven.

July 2009: NAMPAB permission granted to establish a township.

September 2009: Environmental Impact Assessment approved by Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

February 2010: General Plan approved by the Surveyor General Namibia.

May 2010: SUNGATE township registered by Surveyor General.

September 2010: NAMPAB approve “need and desirability” to sub-divide certain erven.

December 2010: Services contract tender awarded Phase 1AB erven.

January 2011: Bulk services and internal services to Phase1AB commences.

September 2011: New City of Windhoek boundaries extended by Ministerial Proclamation

January 2012: SUNGATE township proclaimed - a town is born!

February 2013: Roads Authority approve new site access.

May 2013: Township Board approves new sub-division of Phase 1AB erven.

June 2013: Township Board sub-division certificates received.    

July 2013: Land surveyor pegs new sub-division and submits to Surveyor General.

August 2013: Bulk services and internal services installation to Phase 1AB continues.

December 2013: Surveyor General approves new sub-division of Phase 1AB erven.

March 2014: Construction of filling station commences by first client.

May 2014: Completion of services to Phase 1AB.

May 2014: Marketing of Phase 1AB commences.

August 2014: First erven transferred in Phase 1AB